A Tweet from this past weekend may seem like an innocent mistake to most but to those of us from Buffalo ,NY, it is just not factually acurate.

Sunday Night Football Tweeted a survey that asked which team, The Bills, Giants, or the Jets, has the better fan base in New York. Technically speaking, Buffalo is the ONLY NFL team in New York State. The Jets and the Giant play in New Jersey.

Regardless of where the Buffalo Bills call home, we can all agree that the Bills have the better roster and the best chance at a huge season. Following the playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last season, the Buffalo Bills have gotten even stronger. All three aspects of the team; offense, defense and special teams, are solid and the chemistry among the players is some of the best we have seen since the 1990's era Bills.

I think most media outlets know how vocal the Buffalo Bills fan base is. Whenever I see a Tweet or social media post that is wrong or against the Bills, I wonder if the intent was to fire up the Mafia? What better way to start an online conversation that gets attention than to rile up the best fans in the NFL and the fans of New York State's only official NFL team? Go Bills!

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