The Buffalo Bills will face the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday Night on Sunday Night Football!

In terms of hype, this is the biggest football game that Buffalo has been a part of since last year‘s AFC Championship game. The Buffalo Bills travel to Kansas City to take on the Kansas City Chiefs led by Patrick Mahomes this Sunday night.

Just like any other big game, the hype has already begun. From expert opinions and predictions to fans going after each other on social media, it is going to be an exciting week to be a fan of the Buffalo Bills.

I found this video that really sets the tone for Sunday nights game.

The Buffalo Bills sure have had an incredible stretch of games over the last couple of weeks. Since losing the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Bills have charged on to be an impressive offense and solid defense. With multiple shut outs and plenty of points put up on the board, the Buffalo Bills are legitimate contenders and have also opened the eyes of those who may have doubted them prior to the season.

Being on Sunday night football is an entirely different challenge for the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. Not only is there lots of hype surrounding the game but the pressure to win this game has increased since one of these two teams will most likely be the top of the bracket when it comes to the playoffs this season.

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