Sources report that West Coast Exec. Suge Knight, has been keeping a bullet from 1996 in his head. The bullet is from Tupac's 1996 murder and Knight refuses to remove it, despite Dr's orders. 

Along with Tupac Shakur , Suge Knight was also shot in Vegas September 7, 1996. One of the bullets missed Tupac and actually grazed Suge Knight in the head, bullet fragments remained in his head. Doctors fear that the bullet is what is disrupting the Cat Scan results on Kinght, who has been struggling with his health.

Doctors have asked Knight to have the bullet removed but Knight declined. Suge's lawyer, Matther Fletcher, says that Knight fears that he will die if the bullet fragments are removed. He is not a fan of doctors operating on his head in his fragile health state.

Should he have the bullet removed?

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