Boy's Shooter Is Loose!
I find this beyond disturbing.  An innocent 11 Year-Old Boy (Juan Rodriquez) is shot and no one is saying ANYTHING???? It's another example where "Not-Snitching" is Most Disturbing and Hurtful.  An 'innocent  bystander' 11 Year-Old Boy is shot thr…
Chinx Drugz was allegedly shot and killed this morning around 5 am. Sources say Chinx was sitting in his car in Jamaica Queens, NYC when his Porsche Panamera was shot 12 times. Chinx was reportedly hit with 5 bullets and died on the scene...
74 Year-Old Killed By Police
You go ahead and watch the News Video regarding this Tragedy and see if you get the same picture I get.
What I gather from this story is that  74 Year-Old, JAMES ALLEN ( an ARMY VETERAN), came home from having Open Heart Surgery and a Friend or Family Member called the Police to check on the gen…
NYPD Shot in Bronx
Two police officers were shot in the Bronx, NYPD has confirmed. Police officers has said that the gun shot wounds are not life threatening, NYPD was responding to a robbery call before a suspect opened fire.

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