This is the most exciting Entertainment news of the year! Check out what Suge Knight told said the incredibly talented Tupac Shakur!

TMZ caught up with Suge Knight rockin his special edition Brompton sweatshirt (Members of the Blood gang often take the C off words and replace it with a B) in LA recently.

Although a warm embrace between Suge & Puffy might not a reality any time soon, Tupac fans expecting Pac to be return like they expect Jesus to come back, might be in luck.

According to Suge, "Tupac Ain't Dead"

Getty Images
Getty Images

See! 2 Pac IS Alive!! Remember when he performed at Coachella in 2012.

Expect me nigga like you expAnnotateect Jesus to come back
Expect me nigga, I'm comin'- 2 Pac

Remember this from 2003?

Tupac Cameo on Chappell Show !

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