The heading , 'Black Security Guard Is Fired for Using the N-Word' is just as misleading as the news headline last week regarding Governor Andrew Cuomo using the N-Word.

In Governor Cuomo's case, Cuomo used the N-Word to describe what he used to be called as a young boy by people who were racist towards Italian Americans.  Cuomo said he used to be called an 'N-Word Whop', according to news reports.

Now another case of the N-Word being used.  This time the word was used by a Black Security Guard towards a student.  Now if I were to stop here, the impression you'd get is that a Black Security Guard called a student the N-Word.  The assessment would be grossly wrong as were the interpreters, regarding Cuomo's comment, used the word in a derogatory vein...he did not,   Neither did 48-Year-Old Security Guard Marlon Anderson.

news. Ultimately, Marlon Anderson was fired for using the word in talking with the student.  SMDH.

Well, according to news sources, and in reaction to Mr. Anderson's firing, students conducted a walkout. The news article states that students at Madison West High School in Wisconsin reportedly skipped going to class and marched through the state capital in protest of Security Guard Marlon Anderson being fired. Now here's an 'out of nowhere' surprise twist regarding this incident.  Iconic Singer and Entertainer, Cher, vowed to pay all of Marlon Anderson's legal reports say.

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