Imagine being in a legal battle, going back and forth with the court with the system for a whole seven years. Now imagine winning a whole $44 million as a result of that!

Well, Daniel Marino, the man who sued over #Usher’s 2004 hit “Bad Girl” knows all about that. Daniel apparently worked on a song called “Club Girl” between 2001 and 2002, and he claims that he created most of the song’s “guitar hook, tempo, and chord progression” that was reportedly then named “Bad Girl.”

Although Daniel claims he wasn’t credited for his work on the Confessions album for that song, Usher wasn’t named in the suit.

According to the Associated Press, a jury ordered Daniel’s former co-writer, William Guice, to pay $6.75 million in compensatory damages, along with $20.25 million in punitive damages last week at the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Destro Music Productions, which is owned by co-defendant Dante Barton, will also pay Marino $17.35 million, which brings the lawsuit’s total to $44.35 million.

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