The Buffalo Bills are one game away from making it to the Super Bowl, the hype is real in Western New York. I think it's safe to say that pizza and wings are probably the most favorite foods to enjoy the game with. According to WGRZ, this is like Super Bowl weekend for many Western New Yorkers and pizza shop owners, and some of them are going to stay closed on Sunday so employees can enjoy the game, and cheer on our Buffalo Bills.

Credit: WGRZ

Pesci's Pizza and Wings are one of the places closing for the big game this Sunday, Pesci's have different locations around Western New York. The owners of the Pesci's said they're closing for their employees to enjoy the game because many of them have never seen a season like this. According to WGRZ.

My partner and I were 18, 19 and, 20 when the Bills were on that run back in the day. The Pesci's kids, we called them, kind of grew up with the Bills and not a ton of success. We've seen how excited they have gotten, and this whole Bills Mafia following, We thought, you know what? These guys have got to experience this themselves, at their age as well.

said, Chris Phillips, owner of Pesci's Pizza according to WGRZ.

There are other pizza restaurants that are either closing for the day or closing by kickoff of the game this Sunday. I think that's a good idea and a nice gesture of the owners to consider their employees, that have not seen a Buffalo Bills run like this.

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