Well its not the same but the law will be treating it just as the same A New Marijuana Breathalyzer Is In Development To Detect Drivers Under The Influence.

A company by the name HoundLabs is in the process of creating a breathalyzer to help determine if a driver has smoked weed according to USAToday!

The new breathalyzer is reportedly being rolled out in select cities this upcoming fall. Hound Labs describes the new breathalyzers as being “hypersensitive” saying: “The Hound breathalyzer is 1 billion times more sensitive than today’s alcohol breathalyzers.”

When someone blows into the breathalyzer, it can detect alcohol, THC or both in a matter of minutes. For those who don’t know THC is most present on someone’s breath the first two hours after smoking. The Breathalyzer reportedly will display “Warning” if THC is detected and “Pass” if not.

With this new device, it’s safe to say, think twice before you smoke and hit the road homie!

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