On Sunday morning, if you drove down Genesee Street in Cheektowaga toward the 33, you may have seen this strange thing in the sky. What do you think this is in the sky?

At first, I assumed it was an air stream from a plane or something. You probably thought that too.

Though, there were two reasons that made me think otherwise:

  1. It was directly ACROSS the street from the airport. If it were a plane, wouldn't it have been on the north side of Genesee where the airport is? This wasn't where the airport was.
  2. I started showing this picture to some people at the Buffalo Bisons game and some suggested that because the weather was muggy, the air pressure was unusual and the airstream may be weather related.

Does anyone else think that this may be weather related? Is it just an airstream from a plane? What do you think?

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