You may think they are just a voice in your phone, but that computerized voice tells you everything you need to know, makes you laugh with fun jokes, and they definitely have a favorite football team. 

The Buffalo Bills, babyyy!

After asking Siri a question, I realized that the way she responded made it sound like she was a secret member of the Bills Mafia. 

And she is

You can tell me if you agree.

Here’s what happened: I asked Siri what the score of the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans game was, and her response was hilarious. 

I asked Clay Moden and Rob Banks from Clay & Company to try it with their Siri, and they had similar results!


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Of course, Siri never came outright and said, “I am a Bills fan.” However, the way she recaps the score and talks about the game tells you everything you need to know about what side Siri is on for upcoming NFL games.

If Apple’s personal assistant chooses to side with the Buffalo Bills, I wonder who else will jump on the bandwagon?

Everyone is quick to jump to the fanbase when the team is successful, but true fans stick with their team through thick and thin. 

And when the Buffalo Bills win it all, most of the Mafia will be able to say, “I was a Bills fan before it was cool.” 

Go Bills!

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