According to news stories, the stage is definitely set for alcohol to be sold in movie theaters with the idea having been approved by the New York State Senate while ago, but the NYS Assembly has yet to agree and approve the Bill.

According to news reports, here what NYS Assemblyman Patrick Gallivan, one of the supporters of the "bill", said:

"I think this is something that's very critical in the legislature, in the Assembly in particular, is missing the point that some of our local theaters in small towns, the Aurora Theater in particular in my district, and there's many across the state, are struggling for their existence, and this is something that will help them stay alive as a small business, and will help these small communities, the Main Streets in these small communities have businesses that can succeed."

Buffalo is somewhat ahead of the game with a downtown AMC movie theater, at 639 Main St., actively selling alcohol.  They are able to do so because they are listed as a restaurant rather than a movie theater.


Do you think alcohol should be sold in movie theaters?

Now taking things a step further, there's also talk of marijuana being sold in movie theaters.

Here's a link regarding that news story below:

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