Hello thieves....yes, I just called you a thief. If you don't pay for your own Netflix account and use someone else's you are stealing.

Your time of freeloading is coming to an end and I am glad to see it. First off, let me say that I am a cheap person myself. I bargain hunt, I look for deals, I use coupons, but the one thing I won't do is steal, and if you are using someone's Netflix password you are stealing.

Netflix recently announced that it will crack down on password sharing among its users and I am happy to see it happy.

Before you start yelling at me that you pay for a certain amount of users or the person is in your house using Netflix, that is different. I am even fine with someone who pays for Netflix and logs into their account at a friend's house or somewhere that is not their home.

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I am addressing the people who use the password that doesn't live in the same house, that is not on the account, or that use an ex's or someone else's account without their knowledge. That is stealing.

Don't believe me... Let's change Netflix to a coffee mug. I go and buy a cup of coffee from a restaurant. I take that coffee and drink it and then hand you the coffee mug. If you use that mug to get more coffee, you are stealing it since you didn't pay for it. Even if the place offers free refills on coffee, that only applies to me, the person who bought the drink.

Same thing with the Netflix account. I paid for the account. If you use the account to "drink coffee" aka watch a program, you are stealing that program, hence you are stealing from Netflix.

So..please if you want to watch Cobra Kai or the next season of Tiger King please sign up for your OWN Netflix password.

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