Before I begin the 'reporting' side of this post, I have a rhetorical question.  There are all of a sudden Legal Marijuana Dispensaries and now Safe Injection Sites are being proposed for Buffalo to help people with Drug Addiction.  Why aren't, or haven't been Safe Smoke Sites to help people with a Marijuana Addiction?  I'm also trying to figure out how it's ok to illegally possess whatever is needed for injection at these 'Safe Injection Sites', while possession of Marijuana, which is no where near as dangerous and deadly, will still get you arrested?  It's baffling to me.

Safe Injection Sites have been on the Buffalo radar fora few years, but now a group of NYS Doctors is pushing for that idea to become a reality in Buffalo.

According to WGRZ, a Group called 'The Drug Policy Alliance' brought an example of such Injection Sites to Buffalo last year to give us an idea of what it would look like:

Dr. William Klepak, according to a WGRZ News Story, said this, regarding Safe Injection Sites:

 "able to inject the substance that they bring into the facility in a safe environment where an overdose can be reversed with professional care and can be referred for treatment for their addiction. In millions of client encounters globally there have been no deaths due to overdoses. They also achieve significant reduction in medical illnesses."

However, locally, Dr. Gayle Burnstein expressed concerns sayng:

"A supervised injection facility, I mean, we don't know what they're taking. And we don't know what their outcome will be once they leave the doors. Whether they'll still continue to be high, they're still continuing to use and they're still continuing to be at risk of overdosing. So...that's why I'd really like to see us put our resources into treatment programs."


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