Chris Brown Allegedly Sniffing Coke
So over the weekend this footage of Chris Brown allegedly sniffing coke was trending online . We all know there has been rumors for years that Chris was on that type of time but I don't know for certain. Take a look at video below and you be the judge.
The New D.A.R.E Program Abandons All the Old Ways
You may recall President Ronald Reagan and Mrs. Reagan announcing the 'JUST SAY NO" Anti-Drug Campaign.  Well that campaign was geared towards tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana and as you well know; today's drug problem is far more volatile and serious with young people turning…
'Mom These Are Not Drugs' [NEWS VIDEO]
The Opioid Epidemic and drug usage among teens is off the charts these days, so when a Mom got a call from her Daughter asking Mom to go in her room and look for her Calculator, Mom got more than she bargained for!!!!  Mom Found DRUGS!!!??...
85-Year-Old Batavia Woman Busted for Selling Drugs
This is an unusual Western New York story involving an 85-year-old woman who was selling some of her personal prescription meds and sold to an undercover officer, according to WGRZ .com!
Eighty-five-year-old Laura Viehdeffer is facing 25 years in prison after being caught selling three of her Hy…
Buffalo Drugs
A doctor in Clarence has been indicted on 114 charges related to narcotics! Should the 'war on drugs' spend as much time and money fighting prescription drugs?

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