In the Elmwood Village, you may see three-wheeled cars, as it’s not completely out of the ordinary to see a car that has been the victim of tire theft.

It’s not ok by any means, yet unfortunately it seems to happen every so often.

However, it is nothing compared to what just happened to one car owner in Alden. 


“To whoever threw roofing tar all over my car last night. Karma is a [expletive]. Grow up and have some respect for other peoples property [angry emoji].”

The incident reportedly happened just off of Emerson while Angie, the car owner, was at a friend’s house. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Angie had any cameras on her car, but isn’t it sad that you feel like you have to have cameras on your car now? Like, you shouldn’t have to anticipate the possibility that your car may be smothered in roofing tar. That’s outrageous. 

Dash cameras have helped some people in the area, though, especially with car theft on the rise in the last few months around Western New York. It is increasingly common for cars to be a target if they are left running or unlocked when you make a quick run into the store.

Cars with key fobs have also been a target of theft, because a handful of drivers will leave their key fobs in their car overnight, making it easier for someone to steal a vehicle. 

I guess a dash cam doesn’t seem like a bad idea….

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