I Just wanna know your thoughts on this one:

An 18 year old from Columbus, Georgia will be spending the next five years behind bars for stealing a pair of Nike sneakers when he was 15. On top of that, he was also hit with 10 years probation.

Dayonn Davis has no prior criminal record, but that didn’t stop Judge Bobby Peters from handing down a harsh sentence. According to the Root

Apparently Dayonn saw the sneakers on facebook for the sale, they arranged to meet and thats when things got different,
Davis asked to try on the shoes. After finding out that they fit, Davis apparently told the owner, “These shoes is took.”

That’s when things further escalated, with Davis’ companion pulling a pistol out. Everyone ran.

Davis had no previous juvenile record
had been an A and B student at Kendrick High School
And had no idea the person with him would pull a gun,

What would you have done?

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