Rick James' story will be filmed here in his hometown of Buffalo by a Buffalo-born director.

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The story of Rick James' life will finally be coming to fruition, according to WKBW. For the first time, Rick's family has given permission for a filmmaker to tell his story and use his music. The task will be taken on by Buffalo-born director, producer and actor Addison Henderson, who recently won "Best Screenplay" for his movie Givers of Death (G.O.D.) at The American Black Film Festival.

The project developed though Addison's partnership with LeRoi Johnson, Rick James' brother,

“This is a project that I’ve wanted to bring to life for over 15 years. LeRoi is a mentor, and friend, and we reconnected last year while I was finishing G.O.D. I’m happy that we’ve created this partnership to bring this incredible story to life."

Addison says the Rick James story will be written as a seven part scripted mini-series, according to WKBW. He told Channel 7 that his goal is to begin pre-production in the next year.

“For the past year we've been working on a screen script on my life as it is related to my brother Rick James. In working with Addison, I've found he has the drive, the know-how, and talent to produce and direct a groundbreaking film on a music icon. With his skills and my knowledge, together, we can make it happen. Looking forward to our partnership.” ~ LeRoi Johnson via WKBW


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