Addison Henderson, who is from Buffalo, won won 'Best Screenplay' at The American Black Film Festival and has a screening here for the film on September 24, 2020.

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Buffalo's own Addison Henderson is the director, writer, and an actor in the film. The feature length film "G.O.D.," was shot in the 716, according to press info that was emailed to me. The title is an acronym for "Givers of Death." The film is stars Addison Henderson, Duke Alfieri, Jonathan Sterritt, Jason Delane, Lee Louis Lombardi, Yvonne Lagramada and Huff Lee.

"Givers of Death (G.O.D.) is an apocalyptic sci-fi tale of redemption. It is the journey of a man, a detective, and an entire city's quest for peace. The man seeks peace through atonement, the detective through revenge and the city through resolution. The film explores whether peace can be attained when one exists in constant chaos - be it in reality, or in the mind." ~ Addison Henderson via IMDB

The film is set to premiere here in WNY on Thursday, September 24th at 7:45pm at the Transit Drive-in in Lockport, NY. Get your tickets now.

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