Today I offer you this challenge.  What would happen if we reimagined the City of Buffalo? It would cause us to look at Buffalo with fresh eyes.  We would see the possibilities.  We would realize that they are lurking everywhere.  We would look at our leaders differently.  We would retool our schools.  We would embrace what we can all do verse what we can’t do.    We would see that the possibilities are endless.

I often find myself surfing the internet.  The search is for new and improved ways to do things.  I swear I have a creativity streak that I developed as a little kid that I just can’t shake. It has gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion. 

I find myself seeing things that are happening in other parts of the country and say why not Buffalo.  We shouldn’t be waiting for others to solve our problems.  Most of our solutions should be community driven.  It would probably mean that we would have to get off our best intentions and take matters into our own hands.  I’m sure it is scary,  but necessary.

We can never hit a home run if we’re not willing to step up to the plate

Take an area of Buffalo and reimagine the possibilities.  Share your ideas with the rest of us. Let your voice move Buffalo into a positive direction.

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