The Power To Create: It’s Yours To Discover
One of the people I admired was the late Steve Jobs. He has left us with a legacy in technology. I don’t know if he’s more popular now that he’s gone versus when he was alive.  Seems like daily we are learning more about him.
President Obama Launches Champions of Change
President Barack Obama launches Champions of Change.  It’s a program aimed at celebrating Americans who are making a difference, innovating and “winning the future.”
Ordinary Americans and entrepreneurs are doing extraordinary things in their communiti…
Reimagining The City Of Buffalo
Today I offer you this challenge.  What would happen if we reimagined the City of Buffalo? It would cause us to look at Buffalo with fresh eyes.  We would see the possibilities.  We would realize that they are lurking everywhere.  We would look at our leaders differently.  We would retool our school…