Everyone knows the couple YG & singer Kehlani right? YG known for his song “FDT” & Kehlani known for her break up with basketball player Kylie Irving. Also recently Kehlani just had a beautiful baby girl Adeya.

Well recently the two started dating and everyone thought they were the cutest couple out. Their relationship completely took the internet by storm. Looks like there’s trouble in paradise already. Recently YG got caught on video and in a picture kissing another gurl outside of a club. Now YG said he was drunk, loves Kehlani and would never hurt her.

I’m pretty sure everyone wants them to continue. Everyone loved when the couple announced their relationship Now I’m no expert but being drunk isn’t a excuse for his actions. Do you guys feel he really loves her or it’s just for a public image? Do you think Kehlani will forgive him or will she be completely done?

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