Rappers gone stupid, meet Detroit rapper Young Calicoe. In a video which has now gone viral and garnered the attention of the Detroit Police Department and district attorney, he boasts of his involvement in illegal cockfighting and dogfighting. In the five-minute video, he takes viewers on an MTV Cribs-style tour and proudly shows off his illegal operation. "Pitbulls. We've got some roosters. We fight them, too," he says, then points to a rooster in a cage. "That's a grand champ right there." At the start of the video, he knows what he is doing is illegal. He says: "I hope we don't get indicted for that, that Michael Vick-type (expletive)." You probably will. Idiot.

Obviously, people are looking to get at him. In one tweet, Calicoe says: "If u find a video of me 'FIGHTING DOGS' PLEEEEZE LET ME KNO." He even offered to give a local TV station a tour of the property. He was probably smart enough to get rid of all evidence by now. Still you have to be an idiot to admit to running illegal cock fights and dog fights, not to mention illegal street races on camera. The thing that bothers me about this video is not the allegation of dog fighting or rooster fighting. Rule number eight of being a GANGSTA is NO SNITCHING, and you have this BIG DUMMY snitching on himself.