According to, community activists, faith leaders, and advocates team up with past and present NFTA workers at a recent rally, calling for equal opportunity at higher-paying positions.

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According to, two high-ranking  African American men that were terminated based on a minor or non-existing infraction recently stepped up to speak out.

We demand that changes be made at the NFTA, the higher you go up the corporate ladder the whiter it gets. The NFTA ridership is predominantly black, and a workforce that does most of the work, ( drivers, maintenance, and custodial workers) are mainly black, but all the supervisor positions are held by mostly whites.

said, Jerome Wright, HALTsolitary campaign activist, according to

Mr. Wright also talked about, in this day and time when the spotlight is really being shined on social and racial injustice, it's even more important, that there is an opportunity for people of color to prosper financially at the same rate as their white counterparts.

I know a few NFTA employees personally, most of the people I know are happy with their positions. In my opinion, there is a need for more people of color in leadership roles, and they should be compensated at the same rate as anyone else in that position.

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