Its is a sad day for the RNB Icon R Kelly

R. Kelly is getting kicked out of his Georgia home. According to reports, he OWES $23,084.90 in unpaid rent so they slapped him with that eviction notice on Tuesday.

According to the court documents, R Kelly was renting the mansion for $11,542.45 not including cable and utilities so basically he was 2 months behind and they gave him the boot lol.

This is also the same house that the Alleged r kelly Sex Cult was and also the same home that was burglarized last year so there is all types of bad energy is this place. Remember? Check it out below.

This isn't R kelly's only house, Kelly owns or rents at least two other homes in the area so i think he will be just fine leaving one house, might as well have a going away party.

Check the eviction notice out below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.17.39 PM

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