DJ Bandana Black Catches up with DJ Head Bussa for Q & A Session. As one of Buffalo's Top DJ's a lot of people would like to know a little more about DJ Head Bussa, so he takes the time out to chop it up for the people.


What made you want to become a DJ and who inspired you coming up ?

I wanted to become a Dj because I love music & wanted to hear it(music) how I wanted to hear it (music) if u can understand that... Lol. Coming up I was inspired first by local Dj's like Dj Warlock,Dj Kid Cole, Dj Slick Mike, Dj Worm & Crazy Shout Out to Dj Pretty Tone I just met him this past summer he also is one of the pioneers of buffalo Djn, these guys are the gate keepers that had all the parties rocking that I use to sneak into. Later it was Jazzy Jeff, Eric B, Terminator X, Jam Master Jay, Grand Master Flash, Dj Quick, Dj Yella.


I know a lot of people including myself wants to know how did you get the name Head Bussa ?

Head Bussa was not my original Dj name. Head Bussa was the name of my ENT.(Head Bussa ent.) And every party I was Djn at I would scream over the mic "Head Bussa Entertainment is in the building" so people thought that was my name, And plus a couple parties that I was Djn @ I had to come from behind the table I was Djn on and bust a couple idiots heads( I'm currently 2- 0) & people started calling me "Head Bussa" for real & the name stuck with me.


Where are you from ?

I'm from Buffalo, N.Y. One of the most talent filled cities in the world from Singers, Rappers, Music producers, Dj's, Athletes, Party promoters, Film producers, Clothing designers just all around entrepreneurs and people don't even know it... but I do. I LUV ! MY CITY ! the good bad & the ugly & I better not catch a out of towner trying to talk down about us either.


What would you say is your favorite and lease favorite part of this DJ Game ?

My most favorite part is just rocking a event and the people dancing & sweating & everybody is having a good time, least favorite is the PAY especially in BUFFALO ! People don't know what Dj's go through to keep the club owner happy, the promoter happy, the people happy & dancing, it looks easy but it isn't so at the end of the day PAY US !


If you could give advice to anyone interested in becoming a Dj what would it be ?

My advice would be to (1) get some equipment because I'm tired of seeing Dj's with no equipment (2) have all business deals in writing peoples words & hand shakes just don't cut it anymore (3) hang with other Dj's and network in state & out of state  & be open to all genres of music.


What would you say is your stand out, like favorite event that you have spun at so far ?

I really don't have a stand out really but the most memorable has to be the 1st annual D.I.C.E. A.B.E. August 2010 when at the end of the night I was wasted and threw the money I got paid that night into the sold out crowd  Lol all the Dj's still talk about that night & laugh.


Who are your top 3 favorite Local DJ's ?

I can't just name three so I'm gonna Shout out some of my favorite in no particular order Dj Desirez (she the truth as far as female Dj's locally) Dj Spin, Dj IceBerg, Dj illmatic, Dj Allstar, Dj Focus, Dj A1,  and Dj Tiger.

What are some of your DJ goals ? And where do you see your self at 5yrs from now in this DJ game ?

To keep rocking events and in five years if I'm blessed enough I want to Still be rocking events Lol.


(Ok for this part of the interview I'm going to ask you questions on your preference regarding a few different topics, you can explain your answers in detail if you would like)

DJ Mixers: Rane56, Rane57 or Pioneer ?

Numark DXM06 the X6 is crazy too.

Turntables: Vinyl or CDJ's ?

Vinyl of course.... even though I haven't had my own since "07".

Software: Serato, Tracktor or Numark Que ?


DJ Line up: Do you prefer to be the opening Dj The Middle Dj or The Closer ?

Opener..... Sets the pace for the night and a wider selection of music to play from.

Laptop: Pc or Apple ?

PC about to upgrade to Apple soon.

Transitions: Scratching or Blending ?

Scratching but blending is more important.

Needles: Shure or Stanton ?

Shure 447's are the standard.

Ok Before we rap this up, is there anything that you want the people to know about you that wasn't said already ? And also how can people follow up on you as a Dj (Facebook, Twitter, website,etc.....)

2012 is going to be a good year for Buffalo N.Y. Music and Dj Head Bussa and you can Catch me on FB Dj.HeadBussa Follow me on Twitter @HeadBussaNY or E- mail me at

Ok cool thanks for taking the time out to kick it with me and to let the people know a little about yourself. Keep doing ya thing fam , I definitely respect what you do and wish you the best. And remember "Life Is What You Make It" (So Make It)

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