Now that the bars and nightclubs are open in full swing, Buffalo residents are back out on the scene. It can be hard for some DJs to navigate the crowd nowadays, and here's why. Usually, when people go out, they tend to go to a place where they know what to expect when it comes to music. I have recently spoken with a couple of DJs that say times are changing. Nowadays, adults that are going out will listen to old-school music, but not all night, It is also a "double-edged sword", Nightclubs in most cases like to live up to a certain reputation, and if you try to appeal to a crowd that doesn't like the music that your kind of forced to play, it makes you look bad.

What do you want? Old School or New Stuff?

Here's what some Buffalo club-goers prefer when they are at their favorite spot.

Here's The Style Of Music Buffalo Party-Goers Would Like To Hear

I recently posted a question, When adults go out on the town, which style of music do they prefer? check out these responses.

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