There's a HUGE political debate regarding the New Teacher Evaluation "Report Cards" in NYS.  According to, Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York State Lawmakers are pushing for close to getting YOU full access to your child's Teacher's Report Card!  But there's a snag!

Initially when the proposal was introduced, it was suggested that the Teacher Report Cards be available to the General Public.  However, according to; Democrat Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos, do not agree.  They want to ban the public from seeing the Teacher Reports.


Well there's been a compromise which may, within a matter of a couple of weeks, make the "Teacher Reports Cards" (at least) available to you if you're a parent... but unavailable to the General Public.  But here are a list of problems which restricting the public from viewing the reports causes:

  • Should the Teacher Report Cards be CONFIDENTIAL to parents only?
  • Should Parents who "Break Confidence" and discuss a Teacher's Report Card with someone in the General Public be ARRESTED?
  • Should Parents be allowed to see "Report Cards" for Teachers who are in contact with their children only once a week for a Special Class or ONLY the child's main instructors?
  • Should Parents be allowed to see Report Cards for Teachers who are potential instructors for their children in the child's future?
  • Should there fairly be similar "Report Cards" for other "Public Employees" like Police Officers, Firefighters, Department Of Motor Vehicles Representatives.

Traditionally, "Public Employees" have been exempt from such disclosure under New York State's, "Freedom Of Information Law" (FOIL).  Based on FOIL, Teachers seem to have a real argument as to why they should NOT be singled out!

So what's your take on this whole situation...

  • Should there be any "Teacher Report Cards" at all?
  • Should the "Report Cards" be open to the public or just parents?
  • Should parents be arrested of the reports are confidential and they talk about a report to a non- parent?



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