The only person arrested in the death of Eric Garner was the person who filmed it. And now he speaks about his experience with the Staten Island Grand Jury and you will not believe how the jurors & prosecutor ignored the task and instead indicted HIM with unrelated charges! Also watch a video of police trying to destroy cell phone footage.

Ramsey Orta — who recorded the July 17 incident in which Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Eric Garner in a chokehold shortly before he died on his cellphone — told the Daily News the grand jury ‘wasn’t fair from the start!’ .

‘I think they already had their minds made up,’ he said.

“When I went to the grand jury to speak on my behalf, nobody in the grand jury was even paying attention to what I had to say,” Orta said. “People were on their phones, people were talking. I feel like they didn't give (Garner) a fair grand jury."

A man he described as a prosecutor “wasn’t even asking no questions about the police officer, he was asking all the questions towards Eric,” Orta said. “What was Eric doing there? Why was Eric there?”

“Nothing pertaining to the cop choking him,” he said.

One grand juror asked Orta if he had ever been arrested.

“I said, ‘Miss, what does my criminal history have to do with Eric?’” he said. “I said we shouldn't be sitting here talking about me, we should be talking about Eric now. And we shouldn't even be talking about Eric, we should be talking about the cop.”

Orta said this got him upset and when he complained he was told — likely by a prosecutor — “to watch how I talk.”

WOW! So the all white jury was only interested in discrediting the witness and criminalizing the victim.


Yes Ramsey Orta, the guy who's video went viral was arrested a month later on trumped up charges! Watch this.

In an unrelated incident, a cop uses excessive force in an attempt to destroy cell phone footage of police brutality.

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