Meek Mill gets arrested while bike riding in NYC
Photo Credit: BlameEbro.com
Meek Mill posted himself speeding through the streets of New York the other day on his dirt bike.  The bike lover, who has a whole game app about bike life, was showing off as usual when, apparently, someone called the cops saying folks were endangering others on the …
Eric Garner's Death
It has been over a year since Eric Garner died at the hands of NYPD officers in July of 2014 and finally a sergeant is facing disciplinary charges. But is it enough? Get the details and weigh in!
Police Offer Abuses Driver!
This Officer is Completely Inappropriate (in my opinion). I may be wrong...watch the Video and offer your opinion.  In my estimation this Officer should hand in his Badge ... he is NOT fit to be a Police Officer.
Father Jumps in Fight with Teens
The NYPD is investigating a fight caught on camera after it went viral last week. A man from Brookyln, over 6-feet tall and weighing nearly 300 pounds, jumped in a fight to help his 14-year-old daughter.
NYPD Shot in Bronx
Two police officers were shot in the Bronx, NYPD has confirmed. Police officers has said that the gun shot wounds are not life threatening, NYPD was responding to a robbery call before a suspect opened fire.
NYPD Supporters Disrespectful?
NYPD Supporters incite much rage in supporters of Eric Garner, as they wear shirts that say "I CAN Breathe" at a protest on Friday in NYC. 
This weekend proved to be very eventful for the NYPD as protests still erupt across the country for recent accounts of police brutality...
Staten Island Grand Jury Rigged
The only person arrested in the death of Eric Garner was the person who filmed it. And now he speaks about his experience with the Staten Island Grand Jury and you will not believe how the jurors & prosecutor ignored the task and instead indicted HIM with unrelated charges! Also watch a vide…

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