It's been 50 years since Primary Election Day took place in the month of June in Buffalo, but today changes that ... today is (Primary) Election Day.  That fact may result in low voter turnout as Buffalonians are not used to the Primaries being held in June.

Actually, what is Primary Day and how does it differ from Election Day which is November 4, 2019.  Well, according to Wikipedia, this is an explanation as to what Primary Day is:

primary election is the process by which voters, either the general public (open primary) or members of a political party (closed primary), can indicate their preference for a candidate in an upcoming general election or by-election, thus narrowing the field of candidates.

Primaries are used in various countries throughout the world. Its origins can be traced to the progressive movement in the United States, which aimed to take the power of candidate nomination from party leaders to the people.[1] Political parties control the method of nomination of candidates for office in the name of the party.

The Following Video is dated "yesterday, June 24, and refers to Primary Day being tomorrow when it is actually today.  I'm giving you a heads up so as to avoid confusion:  


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