I watched last night's Presidential Debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney and in my opinion, Big Bird has a better a chance at winning the SEAT than does President Obama.

President Barack Obama's performance last night was an indication that he's tired and doesn't want "IT"...he''s ready to relinquish the Presidency.  Short of saying he got his butt kicked... I will at least say he was an embarrassment to his supporters.  His gestures, his energy level, his lack of any enthusiasm at all, and his lackluster manner of speaking was atrocious... HE WAS TERRIBLE!  He'd have been better off just delivering his Concession Speech.

I'm a staunch Obama fan, supporter, believer, etc, etc, etc.... but I'm SOOOO VERY DISAPPOINTED.  If I were to have to submit a FAIR VOTE based on last night's debate...Mitt Romney wins hands down....there would be no hesitation in voting for him.  Mitt Romney acted like he wants to be President soooo very badly and exemplified a passion in his performance such that it seems like he TRULY has a CONFIDENT PLAN with respect to leading this company...even if his plan doesn't work!

On the other hand, President Obama's smile stunk of personal defeat throughout the night...it was an "I'M EMBARRASSED"  smile...the type of smile one has when you really want to freakin' crawl under a rock...which for President Barack Obama, would have been a more fitting place for him to be last night.

I feel like a player on a team going to the Super Bowl and on GAME DAY my Coach shows up DRUNK!  What the hell was President Obama thinking about... I mean Cool is Cool and Debonair is what it is...but this is MY and OUR Country....I personally don't want some guy who approaches wanting to lead it like he could care if it blew up the next minute.

This is not something President Obama can recover from in my opinion.  I hear people saying ythat he'll do better next time....IT'S TOO LATE...FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE LASTING IMPRESSIONS....and the fervor he showed last night compared tio who he was four years ago is gone. President Obama is tired, he has given up, and he DOESN'T WANT TO BE OUR PRESIDENT ANY LONGER... He just wants to go home and enjoy his family...it couldn't be more evident!

What's your opinion?


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