One of the things many Americans are concern with is health care and the cost of it, health care was discussed quite a bit during the election. According to WIVB, just recently the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over the health care law's future.

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In a recent speech, President-elect Joe Biden defended the signature health care law of President Barack Obama's administration, Joe Biden also expressed his thoughts and called the Republican-backed challenge, "cruel and needlessly divisive" Credit WIVB 

It was eight years ago when the High Court ruled to leave parts of the health care plan intact known as "Obamacare". Donald Trump and the Republican party is arguing to have it overturned. If the courts agree with the GOP, many Americans will lose their health care coverage.

Regardless of the outcome President-elect Joe Biden, promise that he would enact reforms to expand coverage when he's in office in January. According to WIVB, he said, his transition team is working to develop a plan to get Americans universal health care and lower health care cost, as much as possible.

This is going to be a challenge for this in-coming administration, in my opinion, but a very important issue to get resolved quickly.

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