I've tried to be a supporter of President Obama..BUT...like "they say"..."A TIGER ALWAYS SHOWS HIS STRIPES" and President Obama's Affordable Health Care Act is showing it's stripes LOUD & CLEAR.

The fact that there is yet another extension ("for some"...details below) is a clear indication that this whole thing is a debacle!!!  Even as I've tried very diligently to get information regarding the DEADLINE EXTENSION.... even that is almost impossible.  You would think one could just go to www.health care.gov and get the info... NOT!!!  There IS an extension "for some" but who those "some" are... well' I'm not sure and I apologize.  I have provided some links and videos below and a link to the HEALTCARE.GOV website for you to begin the process if you don't have Health Insurance...the DEADLINE IS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT so, to be safe and avoid a FINANCIAL PENALTY,  I would go to the site and start the process to be safe.

The Deadline for signing up for health Insurance is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.  To avoid a Financial Penalty you MUST BE SIGNED UP FOR INSURANCE BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (3/31/14).

There is an extension for some:  Watch the video for details.