If you have already gotten to your desk this morning, you probably noticed that the price of gas has not changed much.

While there is a “gas tax holiday” coming to Western New York starting June 1st, one pastor from Michigan decided that he could not wait any longer before stepping in to help out.

It seems like the pricing of every product imaginable has gone through the roof, from baby formula to beef and then some. 

And while the City of Good Neighbors have come together in recent weeks more than ever to be #BuffaloStrong, one place in Western New York that is going through more hardship than we even realize is the East Side of Buffalo.

The May 14 shooting at that Buffalo grocery store was absolutely awful, and it ended up closing the only grocery store that is walkable from the East Side, making the struggle to get groceries and other necessities that much more difficult.

People from all over the country have come to Buffalo to express their support, including President Joe Biden, but the most recent visitor kind of flew under the radar.

Pastor Carlton Lynch from Michigan traveled to the East Side of Buffalo to pay for people’s gas. 

The pastor told our friends at News 4, “A lot has been affected in the African American community, so I just decided to come here and bring $10,000.” 

Word of the gas giveaway quickly spread, and cars started to arrive at the Mandella Market Gas Station on E. Ferry St., hours before the pastor began filling people’s tanks. 

Many residents who live near Jefferson Avenue often walked to that Tops grocery store, and while Feedmore WNY has been amazing when it comes to serving the local community, the pastor from Michigan wanted to make sure that those residents had enough fuel to drive to another nearby Tops if they so choose. 

You can see more of the original story from News 4 below. 

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