On the eve of the December 21 2012, let us go into tomorrow with a light and open heart. Do not buy into the FEAR propaganda. For Fear is simply, False evidence appearing real!

Nick Lang

Put you attention on the good things in your life and help us usher in a Peace on Earth! Inside you'll find a guided Meditation, a Motivational Minute and The Secret to creating the life you dream of inside! 

In 2006, my perception of life changed when I watched for the first time the Movie "The Secret". I was so happy when my intern came in today and told me that she had watched it, and that it answered so many questions for her! Check it out for yourself!!!!

As we enter in to dawn of a new age, let us be thankful for the opportunity to witness Peace on Earth! Use this meditation to for the next several days!

THANK YOU. Namaste!