Motivational Minute

Is Self Love The Best Love? [Motivational Min]
So now that I got your attention! Let's talk about Self Love lol (I'm sure you thought this post was about to be about something else). Self-love is the best love..... Not only is this a quote I find to be true but it has become a part of my daily motivation music as a reminder that I find myself singing "Self Love" featuring Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose from Dreamville every day. ...
We Are On Borrowed Time Use Yours Wisely [Motivational Minute]
Coming off the heels of the pandemic and being stuck in the house there are many things that stayed on my mind and that was time. I couldn't help but think about how despite the world being put on pause that the clock was not. Although we had to sit and stay still, that clock just kept ticking...
Violinist Wows
This Monday's Motivation comes from a young, black violinist who reminds us that we are never too young to live out our dreams. Watch his viral video of performing at Radio City Hall at just 4 years old!
Viola's SAG Award Speech [VIDEO]
For an actor, receiving a SAG award is very important because it's a recognition of outstanding achievement from fellow actors. At last night's awards ceremony, Viola Davis had the audience on their feet with her empowering acceptance speech. Watch here
Shonda Rhimes' Powerful Speech
Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal says she didn't break any glass ceilings! That's hard to believe. She explains why in this inspiring speech at the Women In Entertainment: Power 100 Breakfast. Watch it here.
The Go Getta Motivational Minute
As this years comes to an end I want to make sure your motivated and ready for 2014! Every Friday at midnight Detra Trueheart checks in on The Go Getta Mix and delivers The Go Getta Motivational Minute. If you missed it last night here is your chance to get motivated and ready for the new year...
I See Greatness in U
How many times have you hoped and waited for someone to recognize you at work, school or even at home? Most of us look to others for validation of us doing a good job, or being a good mother, friend etc. But this stranger holding a sign on the street is offering a message that might just save your life! Watch this video inside.
Get Moving!
Monday Motivation! It’s Monday so that means it’s time to get moving and motivated! Today motivational word of the day is Bold! Bold means to be courageous, confident, and fearless; ready to take risks Now ask yourself when have you been bold...
Power Of Your Thoughts [Motivational Minute]
On the eve of the December 21 2012, let us go into tomorrow with a light and open heart. Do not buy into the FEAR propaganda. For Fear is simply, False evidence appearing real! Put you attention on the good things in your life and help us usher in a Peace on Earth! Inside you'll find a guided Meditation, a Motivational Minute and The Secret to creating the life you dream of inside!
12/12 – 12/21: Be Open To Receiving [Motivational Min]
Today is December 10th. According to many ancient theories, the world as we know it, will change drastically on the day of the Winter Solstice (12/21/12). But don't freak out! There is nothing to fear but fear itself! Instead, embrace the coming changes as the Earth and all her people prepare for a new age.
The Go Getta Motivational Minute
The Go Getta Mix is all about motivating our listeners to Get Up ,Get Out and Go Get It! Each week Detra Trueheart of TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises will help you do just that! So get into the mix, The Go Getta Mix every Friday not just get your party on but to also get Motivated...