This is a critical time for local business owners, especially the businesses that deal with retail. Most of Erie County is currently in the "Orange Zone".

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The infection rate remains high, and local leaders have been warning residents and business owners here in Erie County that we could possibly enter the "Red Zone". This would not be good for many people but even more so for local business owners.

Erie County entering the "Red Zone" would mean local retailers would be closed for the holiday shopping season.

We've decided what we're going to do in case of the red zone, and we have a game plan, and we're just going to kind of go it with. I mean sales are not going to be what we're used to this time of year, but we're going to make the best of it.

said, Phil Machemer, owner of Revolver Records Inc, according to WIVB

I have spoken with a few local business owners, and most of them are going to do what they have to do, to get through this extremely tough time. One local shop is going to go back to online sales. There are a few of them that have plans to cut costs by limiting hours of operation.

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