Since the originally shelved Interview with O.J. Simpson has now been aired on FOX, there's a resurgence of hate towards O.J. with many claiming the interview reveals that 'O.J. Did It'.

Along with this renewed sense of dislike, ridicule, and condemnation towards 'The Juice', comes a movement to take his name off of the Wall of Fame at New Era Field.  According to news reports a  new Anti-O.J. Movement is being led by a Buffalo State Graduate who was also an Executive Producer with Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006 and one of his shows he produced was the Judith Regan Show. Judith Regan is the publisher who did the interview with O.J. that ran on CNN recently.

Howie Greene is the man headlining the effort to remove O.J. Simpson's name from The Buffalo Bills' New Era Field Walk of Fame.  Here's what Greene said after seeing the interview on FOX:

"I was so horrified last night watching this all over again, and remember, I re-lived all of those days when I was Judith's producer, you know, I was hoping that through social media and hopefully through this interview, to reach Kim Pegula," says Greene.

Do you agree with Howie Greene?  Should O.J. Simpson's Name Be Taken Off of The Wall of Fame at New Era Field (Bills Stadium)?


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