Many are opposed to the idea of a Liquor Store where GiGi's Restaurant used to stand before a fire ravaged the structure, forcing GiGi's to be no more.  Although there was massive Community support following the fire and efforts were discussed to restore the restaurant at it's original location at 257 East Ferry, but that never happened.

Well now a Liquor Store wants to move into GiGi's original location on East Ferry, but several people share the same sentiments as 20 Year-Old Chanel McQuiller who, according to The Buffalo News, said this:

“I would recommend they have something more beneficial to the community like a nice eating spot. Everybody likes food. Everybody likes eating,” said Chanel McQuiller, who is a frequent shopper in the community.

What are your thoughts regarding this?  I just have one comment...I think people should be as compassionate about drugs and violence in the Community as they are about preventing a Liquor Store from opening.  The people who oppose a liquor store NEVER DRINK?  I doubt that's the case.  The bottom line here is that people are going to buy liquor...why oppose one liquor store if you're not going to oppose all of them?  I disagree with the opposition of a liquor store in the old GiGi's Restaurant location...not saying I don't get it, I just think there are FAR MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES to deal with within the AfricanAmerican Community.  What do you think?  TAKE THE POLL!

You may want to be COMPLETELY INFORMED by reading ALL THE DETAILS surrounding the proposed Liquor Store at the Old GiGi's the FULL STORY, according to the Buffalo News the button below!

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