Carl J. Mimms III, pastor of the Freedom Tabernacle of Praise Church in Indianapolis, Ind., is tonight's BIG DUMMY.

After his wife, Diane Mimms, suspected he was jumping off with a woman whose name is Wendy Taylor, she began to gather evidence -- like most women do when they suspect men of cheating. Realizing that his wife was on track to unveil the truth, the pastor tried to cover his tracks by calling Sprint and requesting they add a passcode to his account and "to not allow anyone to have access to his account except for him." He also requested the company "shut down the Internet access to his account."

Well, Diane Mimms outsmarted him and Sprint! She was able to get her hands on all of the pastor's cell phone call logs and confronted him about the numerous calls he made to Wendy. But Diane didn't stop there: She summoned a meeting at the church, where she also confronted pastor Mimms in front of several church members about his many calls to the alleged jump off.

Instead of Carl J Mimms being a man and admitting to his wrongdoing, he is suing Sprint for releasing his phone records to his wife. The pastor now claims because Sprint released his call logs to his wife, he suffered physical, mental and emotional distress. He's not done: He also claims he was humiliated, his reputation was damaged and he suffered pain and suffering. Pastor Mimms says his conversations with a Sprint employee caused his "blood pressure to increase, his head to perspire, and his heart rate to increase."

This case will probably be thrown out of court because his wife probably figured out his password. SMH! Welcome him to the BIG DUMMY FILES.  If you think I am making this up, you can view the official court documents.