You may have seen the video of the fisherman on Lake Erie who got caught cheating in a recent he's getting trolled by a restaurant too.

If you haven't seen the video of the tournament that happened just up the 90 near Cleveland on Lake Erie, it's pretty despicable.

**Be aware...there's some explicit language in the video.**

These tournaments offer quite a bit of money to the people who can reel in the heaviest fish.  So it's pretty obvious that they get enraged when people try to buck the system by cheating.

In this case, the director of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament, Jason Fischer (I know...perfect name, right?) got suspicious when he saw five fish ready to be weighed that he estimated to be around 20 pounds.  They weighed in at 34!  That was when he picked one of them up and realized there was something hard in its belly.  After cutting it open, he realized there were fishing weights stuffed inside.  Obviously, they had cheated.

People have been all too excited to call them out for it on social media too.  They're not going to just let it slide.  Now a city near where the tournament took place is even getting in on the fun.  Check out one of the "newest menu items" available in some of the restaurants in the City of Port Clinton.

There are multiple meanings to the word "trolling."  Ironically, trolling in the fishing world normally means that you're on a boat trailing some bait on a line.  But in this case, trolling means that they're totally making fun of someone who screwed up big time and probably deserves to be shamed a bit.

At this point, there's no word on whether anyone will be pressing charges or if they will actually have to pay back any money from previous tournaments.  From the looks of things though, there were a lot of people who were livid about the fact that he finally got caught.  How many times has he done this to win in the past?

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