The battle to get students back to a full school day continues, there are parents that believe that it is time for the hybrid schedule to end. Although this school year is pretty close to ending, there are parents and students that are ready for this whole thing to end and get back to regular school hours.

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A New York State Judge has put the school districts on notice when it comes to school districts reopening guidance. Hearings were recently held in lawsuits filed by the parents against Orchard Park and Williamsville school districts. Robby Dinero, who is an Orchard Park gym owner is among those parents who filed the lawsuit, Robby Dinero won his business reopening case back in December.

Attorney Pual Cambria recently explained, there are two days of instruction under hybrid models, students were in essence left to learn on their own with a lack of instruction for the rest of the week, which technically violates state education requirements. The Judge wants the school district to come up with a new reopening plan that is centered around the Center for Disease Control's new 3-foot distance requirement by April 20th.

The CDC's new guidance says the COVID-19 is not generally spread by contact with surfaces, so this may eliminate the need for constant scrubbing of surfaces in school buildings.

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The school districts have maintained that they could not fully reopen without the approval of the Department of Health and the State Educational Department. I hear from parents all the time that are ready for their kids to return to school full-time.

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