Omar Epps did an action scene with an older female actress back in 2016 and she claims he went off script and she ended up with a broken arm.

According to TMZ, Donzaleigh Abernathy, who was 59 at the time of the reported the incident recently filed a lawsuit against Omar Epps and Paramount Pictures for negligence and assault and battery.

She says Omar Epps “completely deviated from the script” and “threw his left forearm with full force at her right arm” in May 2016 while they were filming for the USA show “Shooter.” According to legal docs, she claims he broke her arm and injured her back by dropping her on the floor.

This isn't Love And Basketball Omar! you cant be out here going crazy like she playing for your love bro.

Donzaleigh is asking for her present and future medical bills to be covered, and also damages for her pain and suffering.

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