The Old Mill building in West Falls has been needing a revamp project for quite some time now, and the West Falls Advisory Committee received some long-anticipated news during their Monday night meeting. 

Scott Bieler, the President of West Herr Automotive Group, announced that he is buying the Old Mill building in West Falls and will be giving it the renovations and updates that the building needs. 

Conor Schneider first broke the news on the West Falls Community Facebook page

Scott Bieler also recently took over ownership of the Aurora Theatre on February 1, 2022. The theatre has been a staple of East Aurora since 1925, and as the Aurora Theatre’s 7th owner in their near-100 year history, Bieler and West Herr upgraded the historic location with renovations and building maintenance during their first few weeks of ownership, so it will be interesting to see what they plan to do with the Old Mill building in West Falls.

The West Falls Community shared their excitement on social media about West Herr’s new acquisition. 

West Falls Community Responds To News Of Old Mill Building

News of the West Herr acquisition of the Old Mill Building in West Falls was making waves this week in Western New York, and the community is excited.

As of now, there are only plans to stabilize the foundation, give the exterior a facelift, and clean up the year. The interior of the Old Mill Building is in rough shape, so that could use a touch up too. Due to the way the lot is laid out, there is not enough room for a sufficient septic system which puts a limit on what the building can become. The lot size of the Old Mill Building is also slightly misleading, because there is an adjacent parking lot that is owned by the Dog Bar.

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