Now that things are opening back up and sports teams are starting to be allowed again. The Little Football teams are starting to get geared up for the season as well. Youth football sports as always been a big deal for many parents and children in Buffalo, for as long as I can remember. One of the oldest organizations in little league football, The Buffalo Vets are getting ready for their season. Now, I know there are a few teams that I could have mentioned, but of course, I'm a little biased, As a former player in the 80s and a coach in the 2000s, it's only right.

The nice thing about youth sports being allowed again is that it gives many of our young boys and girls something to do and look forward to. Some other teams that have been around for a long time are Lackawanna, The Buffalo Rams, and The Stingrays just to name a few in the TYRO League. I could name many great teams and organizations in our community as well like, The GC Cowboys, The Wolverines, and The Ravens those are only three of the many great organizations doing great things for our youth in the community.

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Now that parents and kids can start to enjoy sports again, there are a couple of things that I want to mention, first I can't wait to hit all the snack shacks at all the football games. second, let's make sure that we are really there for the kids and not some of the other nonsense that can occur at our youth football games, and just have a great season.

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