I can just imagine the responses from this but a Harvard-educated woman, Naomi Riley, has zeroed in on the topic of race in America and is trying to get us to agree on the fact that we need to stop discussing race.

The writer says that she has witnessed the cancellation of a NPR show about diversity, "Tell Me More," and uses that to reference that Americans are no longer interested in discussing race.

I know, I know....Race is in our daily dialogue, and it's no getting around it, but for discussion sake, I think you need to read an excerpt of her writing in the NY Post:

Hey, folks: Maybe audiences, black and white, have just gotten tired of these conversations.


A recent MTV survey found that 73 percent of millennials “believe never considering race would improve society” and “68 percent believe focusing on race prevents society from becoming colorblind.”

And the vast majority (84 percent) of these young people say their families taught them that people should be treated the same regardless of race. Yet only 37 percent say they were brought up in families that talked about race.


Less than 7 percent of newly married couples reported marrying outside their race or ethnicity in 1980; the figure jumped to almost 15 percent in 2008, according to Pew.

Well, she sure put a lot of effort in that article. Does she have a point? Are you tired of discussing racism in America? Will it ever change?



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