Living in Buffalo, it's easy to forget just how lucky we are to have so many amazing pizzerias. In fact, Western New York has pretty much more pizza places than most anywhere in the country per capita and many of them serve up some outstanding Buffalo-style pizza.

There's something extra nostalgic about pizzerias. It might just be the vibe that they give off, compared to other styles of restaurants.

I remember when Santaora's Phase II was just a small pizzeria off Millersport Highway in Amherst (early-to-mid 2000s) before it expanded in 2008-2009 to what is now a huge restaurant and bar.

That got me thinking of other awesome pizzerias that for one reason or another, are no longer around.

I know a ton of them used to be in the City of Buffalo and northtowns, with a bunch that also existed in the southtowns and even a few sprinkled well east and north of Buffalo.

Listeners were asked on Facebook what pizza places they loved that are not around anymore, and man, the answers were incredible. The memories came flooding back in and you can see that so many people in Western New York have not forgotten the great pizzerias that have closed down.

There were thousands of responses, but here are 30 that kept getting mentioned over and over!

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