If you know, like the rest of us know, then you're fully aware that the food scene in Buffalo and Western New York is among the best the world has to offer.

The proof is in the pudding as they say, just based on the fact that Buffalo has the best festival in the world points to the idea that Buffalo is a foodie city.

From pasta and pizza to burgers and wings, the 716 is a great place to enjoy some good food, especially pizza.

One pizza place in general, Zetti's Pizza & Pasta on Maple Road in Amherst, has generated a lot of attention this year; unfortunately, not all is for good reasons.

For at least the second time, the restaurant had been seized by New York State and shut down for nonpayment of taxes. The restaurant was closed in February and again in September.

According to documents filed with the Erie County Clerk, the restaurant owed several thousands of dollars in taxes to New York State, which appears to have contributed to the closures.

Zetti's Is Back Open

I was driving down Maple Road the other day and noticed that Zetti's was open and with a parking lot full of cars. It looks like they've resolved their issues and are back open for business.

According to an article by the Buffalo News, Zetti's owner, John Fusco, and his team worked out a deal with state officials for the business to reopen.

This is excellent news for people who live and work in the Northtowns, as this place has pretty good pizza. Here's hoping they're able to resolve all of their issues fully.

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