How crazy is this? I mean, a lot of the black community doesn't believe in our President anymore (Which is crazy), but for another country to allow their government sanctioned publications to print slander towards Obama is outrageous. In a Korean language only paper, 2 people began expressing their less than flattering racist remarks toward's our President, calling him "A Wicked Black Monkey Who Needs to be Tamed."

The condemnations, which included unprecedented levels of extremely racist and offensive rhetoric, were published following a speech made by President Obama during a visit to South Korea in April…

“How Obama looks like makes me disgusted,” Kang Hyuk, a worker at the Chollima Ironworks Factory said when translated into English.

“As I watch him more closely, I realize that he looks like an African native monkey with a black face, gaunt grey eyes, cavate nostrils, plump mouth and hairy rough ears.

“He acts just like a monkey with a red bum irrationally eating everything – not only from the floor but also from trees here and there…Africa’s national zoo will be the perfect place for Obama to live with licking bread crumbs thrown by visitors,” Kang concluded.

Jung Young Guk of the DPRK Ocean Management Office said the timing of Obama’s visit – so soon after the sinking of the Sewol ferry – was difficult to understand, adding that Obama had a “disgusting monkey look even though he is wearing a fancy suit like a gentleman”.

Totally unnecessary and radical for these comments! It may be different countries but come on now, etiquette between media publications know not to publish something like that, especially in a government sanctioned article. 

But then again... It's N. Korea, they haven't exactly been the easiest to work with as of recent.



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